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Monthly Archives: February 2024

    CENTURY 21 Northland Welcomes MARIAH SNIEGOWSKI

    By Admin | February 21, 2024

    Having spent her formative years along the serene shores of Michigan, MARIAH SNIEGOWSKI found her heart anchored in Traverse City after traversing various states alongside her husband, a former Marine. While the allure of California, New York, and Texas held their own charm, it’s Michigan’s enchanting array of seasons, particularly its vibrant summers, that captured... Read More

    CENTURY 21 Northland Welcomes ANNE SCHWARTZ

    By Admin | February 20, 2024

    ANNE SCHWARTZ’S lifelong passion has been dedicated to serving the vibrant communities that make up her beloved Traverse City. A proud descendant of Traverse City for generations, she embodies a profound commitment to enriching the Grand Traverse area. Nearly two decades ago, Anne embarked on a journey in real estate and contracting alongside her husband,... Read More

    CENTURY 21 Northland Welcomes PETER BUSH

    By Admin | February 19, 2024

    PETER BUSH brings over two decades of distinguished experience in corporate finance at major industrial and banking corporations, alongside a remarkable academic background, making him a valuable asset to the real estate industry. With a Doctorate in Business Administration specializing in Business Strategy and Finance, complemented by a Master of Business Administration, a Master of... Read More

    CENTURY 21 Northland Welcomes MISSY KOWALSKI

    By Admin | February 18, 2024

    MISSY KOWALSKI’S journey began in the picturesque haven of Traverse City where she was not just born and raised, but where her heart has always found its home. Throughout her life, she has embraced the warmth and community spirit of this cherished area. Armed with a BA in Business Administration, Missy’s career blossomed as an... Read More

    CENTURY 21 Northland Welcomes MARIANNE BURROWS

    By Admin | February 14, 2024

    What better way to inadvertently embark on a journey into the world of real estate than through investing and renovating? When Marianne Burrows stumbled into this career path, her eyes opened to the architectural treasures nestled within Detroit’s homes. Witnessing the transformative power of restoration, she felt drawn to provide a holistic service. Thus, her... Read More